Month: January 2020

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Block Cryptominers and Other Crapware Downloads with Edge Chromium

I never thought I’d say this, but Microsoft’s web browser is pretty good—Edge Chromium, that is. If you’re jumping from the Google browser everyone uses,…

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Can You Spot a Deepfake? Here’s What to Look For

Could you spot a fake video created by artificial intelligence? In the video above, I share some telltale signs that a video has been altered…

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Google’s New ‘Tangi’ Service Can Help You Learn DIY Skills

Screenshot: Brendan Hesse ( Google’s newest service, Tangi, is a short-form video platform that can help you learn and share new creative skills. It’s currently…

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Grab Windows 10’s Latest Update to Fix This File Explorer Bug

Microsoft’s November update for Windows 10 (version 1909) added a new quick-search bar to File Explorer that was meant to help users find files on…

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