How to Turn On WhatsApp’s New Dark Mode [Updated]

WhatsApp Dark Mode (Android)

WhatsApp Dark Mode (Android)Screenshot: David Murphy (WhatsApp)

[Updated 3/3/20, 4:00 pm] Here’s the good news: You no longer have to drop a beta version of WhatsApp on your Android phone in order to take advantage of the app’s new dark mode. This feature has (finally) rolled out for everyone, including both Android and iOS users.

If you’re on Android, you can head on over to Google Play to opt out of the beta, if you were previously participating. Update WhatsApp from Google Play or the App Store, and the app should follow whatever system settings you’re using for dark or light mode.


If you’re on Android 9, you’ll need to tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner of WhatsApp, and tap on Settings. Tap on Chats, and you’ll see a new listing for “Theme.” Tap on that, and you’ll be able to pick between Light or Dark mode.

WhatsApp Dark Mode (iOS)

WhatsApp Dark Mode (iOS)Screenshot: David Murphy


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