Apple Releases a New COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool

A representation of a coronavirus.CDC

Today Apple unveiled a new self-screening tool for COVID-19. You’ll answer basic questions about your symptoms and likelihood of exposure, and then the site will give you advice based on those answers. The company developed the tool in conjunction with the CDC and White House, and it’s free to use.

Apple’s tool is very similar to a self-screening chatbot built by Microsoft and hosted on the CDC’s website. The two tools ask nearly identical questions and provide advice based on CDC guidance. The CDC chatbot is a little more thorough, as it breaks down age groups more and asks for the state you live in, and it’s a little quicker to use.

In either case, you’ll answer questions about age, if you work in and around hospitals, your symptoms, and the level of exposure in your area. Depending on your answers, the tools may tell you to visit an emergency room or to self-isolate, and if your symptoms match up to COVID-19.

Both are quick to mention a self-screening tool isn’t the same as visiting a doctor, but hopefully, they’ll help some avoid an unnecessary ER visit.

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