The 40-Game NEOGEO Mini International Is Just $50 Today

The NEOGEO Mini International Game Monkey

Ready to get down with some Metal Slug or King of Fighters? The NEOGEO Mini International arcade machine, which contains 40 classic NEOGEO/SNK games, is on sale for just $50 right now. That’s $15 off the average price and nearly $50 off the initial sale price from 2019.

The NEOGEO Mini International is built with a 3.5-inch LCD display, stereo speakers, and a joystick/button configuration that’s typical arcade machines. But really, this thing shines as a plug and play device. It has an HDMI port for fullscreen video and comes with two PAD controllers for some hardcore arcade combat. In essence, it’s the NEOGEO/SNK version of the NES Classic Edition.

40 Classic Arcade Games in One Machine

NEOGEO Mini International

The NEOGEO Mini International is packed with 40 classic arcade games, and can plug into a TV for full-screen or multiplayer action.


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