Spotify Adds Siri Support for Its Apple Watch App

Three Apple Watches running the Spotify app.Spotify

Today, Spotify released an update to its Apple Watch app to include Siri Support. Now you can control your Spotify music through Siri on your watch by adding “on Spotify” to the end of a voice command. You’ll still need an iPhone nearby to play Spotify music, though.

To use Siri with Spotify, your Apple Watch needs to be on watchOS 6. If you already have that update, you’ll just need to update your Spotify Apple Watch app. The change isn’t too surprising, but overdue, considering Apple made this possible in iOS 13 and watchOS 6. Once you’ve updated, you can say something like: “‘Hey Siri, Play music on Spotify.”

Unfortunately, unlike Pandora’s Watch app, you’ll still need your iPhone nearby to use Spotify on your Apple Watch. That’s because the Spotify app serves as little more than a remote control for the iPhone app. Hopefully, Spotify will work on expanding its Apple Watch app capability soon.

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