Samsung’s New TV Boxes Fold Into Cat Houses and Magazine Racks

A cat sitting in front of a cardboard cat house.Samsung

So you bought a shiny new TV, got it hung on the wall, and are all ready to catch up on the shows you want to binge. But wait, you need to throw out that TV box. You could responsibly drop it in the recycle can. Or, you could turn it into a cat house! At least, that’s Samsung’s idea with its new TV box designs.

Cardboard is already relatively eco-friendly, as it’s usually easy to recycle. But if you remember the ol’ eco wheel, the saying went “reuse, reduce, recycle.” Reuse can be a better option than recycling because you’ll spend less energy to get more out of a single material.

A TV box folded into a magazine rack.Samsung

With that in mind, Samsung decided to take the wraps off upcoming TV boxes it made for reuse (often called upcycling these days). Following a guide you’ll find through a QR code, you can fold these boxes to make a cat house, shelves, magazine racks, and more.

The company applied a matrix patter to the boxes so you can cut them, fold them, and then let your little feline friend enjoy. Choose the right instructions, and you can even make a bachelor-pad friendly end table. It’s no worse than milk crates.

To start, you’ll find the new designs on three TVs, The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t say precisely when the origami boxes would start appearing in stores.

Source: Samsung via Gizmodo


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