dbrand Unveils Its, Uh, Totally Legal Animal Crossing Switch Skin

A photo of the (not) Animal Crossing Switch Skindbrand

Okay, I gotta make this fast. You know that special edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch, the one with the cute blue and green colors? Yeah, dbrand is selling a limited Nintendo Switch skin that, uh, doesn’t look anything like the exclusive ACNH Switch. It’s called the (not) Animal Crossing skin, and it costs $40.

Sure, that’s expensive, but you’re getting the whole bundle here. You get two pairs of JoyCon skins, a skin for your dock, and a microfiber cloth to wipe the snot off your glasses, or whatever. If you want to grab some extra merch for your law-abiding friends, you can pay dbrand an additional $13 for two extra pairs of JoyCon skins. Call it the friends and family discount.

Two things could happen today. Either dbrand will run out of its (not) Animal Crossing skin, or the company will be hit by a cease and desist order the size of a meteor. In other words, if you want this skin, you better buy it right now. Just don’t tell anyone that you heard it from me, dig?


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