Use These ‘Star Wars’ Backgrounds to Take Your Zoom Calls to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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A short time ago, in a galaxy really, really close, a new evil took hold of a world. For its own safety, citizens self-isolated in their homes for work and play. Forced to communicate through video conferencing, people everywhere were embarrassed by their dirty office. Now Disney is here to save us all with free official Star Wars backgrounds for your Zoom calls.

Let’s be honest, when you’re self-isolating, working full time, and taking care of your kids, it can be hard to keep the temporary office you put together neat and tidy. But the show must go on, and sometimes you need to jump on video calls.

Thankfully, some video conferencing services like Zoom and Skype let you fill in custom digital backgrounds. And while we might suggest these for your more serious business calls, if you’re on something more relaxed, why not put yourself in the Star Wars universe?

You can choose from several iconic scenes, like Cloud City or the Death Star’s control room. If you’re a warm person, you can put yourself on the tundras of Hoth, complete with a tauntaun in the background.

Disney isn’t the first to release official images. If anime is more your style, these images from Studio Ghibli might be more your speed.

Because let’s face it, anything’s better than your dirty laundry in the background.

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