After Months of Waiting, RetroPie Now Works With the Raspberry Pi 4

The Retropie logo over a Pi 4 board.RetroPie/Raspberry Pi Foundation

RetroPie, the OS that turns Raspberry Pi computers into retro emulation stations, now works with the Raspberry Pi 4. Gamers have spent the last few months waiting for official Pi 4 support, as the Pi 4’s upgraded processor, graphics, and RAM should increase the performance of some games.

Pi 4 support is packaged with the new RetroPie Version 4.6, which also includes updates for the OS’s GUI and emulators. According to the RetroPie developers, Pi 4 support is still in beta but should run well for most people.

Along with Pi 4 support, RetroPie 4.6 marks a transition from the old Raspbian Stretch image to the new Raspbian Buster image. According to RetroPie’s developers, RetroPie will support both Raspian Stretch and Raspbian Buster for the time being, but will eventually drop support for the old, less secure Stretch standard.

You can download Retropie 4.6 and find installation instructions on the RetroPie website. Pi 4 computers are available on the CanaKit website for as low as $35.

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