Your Kids Might Hate Brushing Their Teeth Less Thanks to Pokemon Smile

A young child brushing their teeth and then a screenshot of Pokemon Smile showing what they seeThe Pokemon Company

Kids hate brushing their teeth, and if you don’t stand over them to make sure they do a less-than-horrible job, they’ll simply do the bare minimum (if that). A new Pokemon game called Pokemon Smile aims to make them actually want to brush their teeth.

Pokemon Smile uses AR to help kids catch Pokemon that “have been captured by the cavity-causing bacteria inside [their] mouth.” Which, honestly, sounds kind of weird. But it’s a cute way to get kids (and probably some adults) to brush their teeth, so I’m all for it.

Players will brush to catch Pokemon, complete the Pokedex, get awards for regular brushing, and decorate photos snapped by the game during brushing. It also offers best practices for teeth brushing, features brushing reminders, and has timers for one-, two-, or three-minute brushing sessions.

The game is free on iOS and Android and has no in-app purchases.


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