Google Play Store Rolls Out a Redesigned “Categories” Section

A photo of the Google Play store.
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The Google Play Store’s infamous Categories section is getting a serious redesign, with larger icons and a smaller, more refined list of app categories to chose from. Google also removed its “Top Categories” banner and updated the icons in its Family and Kids sections.

First reported by u/jmoule2580 on Reddit, the updated Categories is a major leap from Google Play’s circular design language. Its new icons are large, intuitive, and easy to understand. And without the redundant “Top Categories” banner, the Categories section has a lot more room to breathe.

A screenshot of the old and new Google Play Categories section next to one another.
Reddit User u/jumoule2580

Google is also adding its new Categories icons to the Family and Kids sections of the Play Store. But the change is subtle, and won’t notice it unless you open the Kids Categories overflow menu from the Family and Kids tabs.

The redesigned Play Store is rolling out to Android users today. That said, it may take a few days for the redesign to reach your phone.

Source: Google via 9to5Google


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