This $30 Fitbit’s Inspire HR Discount Will Get Your Heart Rate Up

A photo of three Fitbit Inspire HR fitness bands.

Amazon is offering the popular Fitbit Inspire HR fitness band at a $30 discount. Now’s your chance to grab the heart-tracking, sleep-monitoring accessory for $70 in black, white, or lilac color configurations.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a thinner, stripped-down version of the popular Fitbit Charge band. It automatically tracks your heart rate and sleep cycles, but it lacks an NFC chip for Fitbit Pay (a contact-less payment method that’s similar to Apple Pay). It’s water-resistant and has a 5-day battery life. All things considered, the Inspire HR is the ultimate Fitbit for someone who isn’t interested in smart watch features (if you’d rather have a smart watch, check out the Fitbit Charge or Versa).

Like other Fitbit trackers, the Inspire HR comes with two adjustable bands for large or small wrists. If you aren’t into the black, white, or lilac colored wrist bands, you could always buy a replacement band through Amazon or the Fitbit website.

Fitbit’s sleek, heart-monitoring fitness tracker


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