Grab an Echo Dot and Two Months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $21

A photo of the Amazon Echo Dot.

Alright, time to pull out your wallet. Amazon is selling its Echo Dot smart speaker and two months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only $21. That’s a $70 value when you consider the $10 a month fee of Music Unlimited and the Echo Dot’s usual $50 price tag.

Amazon likes to dangle carrots over customers’ heads. You know, BOGO deals and random 50% discounts on smart speakers. But today’s carrot is especially juicy. The Echo Dot is one of the best smart speakers available today, and two months of Music Unlimited gives you access to all the songs you could ever want.

Just be sure to mark your calendar—Music Unlimited will auto-renew at its full $10 monthly price ($8 if you’re a Prime subscriber) after your two-month deal ends. Sadly, this deal isn’t available to current Music Unlimited subscribers.

An Amazing Deal

Source: Amazon via Engadget


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