Amazon’s Tiny Echo Flex Gets an Even Tinier $15 Smart Clock Attachment

Echo Flex with smart clock attachment

Amazon’s Echo Flex is an exercise in minimalism: a tiny smart speaker that plugs right into a power outlet, so you can add smart home functionality in the tightest spaces. It’s also expandable thanks to a tiny USB port on the bottom, with a night light and a motion sensor. The latest addition to the line is a little LED clock.

Oddly, the add-on tools are provided by a third party seller, “THIRDREALITY,” but they’re certified for the Alexa smart home system. The motion sensor can integrate with smart home routines, the night light is, well, a night light, and the new clock can display either the current time or a voice-command timer.

The Echo Flex is just $25, with each add-on module costing $15. The new clock is shipping on August 11th.

Source: The Verge


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