Facebook Starts Merging Instagram and Messenger Chat

Between Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, Facebook owns quite a few direct messaging platforms. Each ran on its own system, and Facebook wants to change that. Combining the backend will bring encryption from WhatsApp to Instagram and Messenger. And now, Facebook is flipping the switch to make that change.

As spotted at Android Police and The Verge, Instagram users are starting to receive a message when opening the app. It mentions “a new way to message on Instagram” and prompts to update. The message promises you’ll be able to use emoji reaction and message with Facebook contacts. You’ll also see a new look, get the option to swipe to reply to messages.

The change appears to be a server-side roll-out, you won’t need to update your app to get it. Instead, the update appears when Facebook turns the option “on” for you. The new integration seems to be rolling out widely, so if you don’t have it yet, you likely will soon.

via Android Police


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