The Last Blockbuster Is Now an Airbnb

Blockbuster store.

Just when you thought Blockbuster was a thing of the past, someone comes along and turns one into an Airbnb.

Turns out that the last Blockbuster in the world is in Bend, Oregon, and you can still visit. It has gotten a bit of a makeover, though. The former VHS-rental shop has now been turned into an Airbnb, but don’t worry, it’ll still give you all the nostalgic feeling you were hoping for.

The store looks relatively unchanged with rows and rows of VHS tapes lining the wall, but the big difference is at the center of the store which has been transformed into an early ’90s living room complete with a pull-out couch, VHS player, bean bags, and even a rack full of snacks in classic ’90s packaging (though hopefully not actually from the era).

An old Blockbuster is revamped to include a pull out couch and and 90s decor.

For those who want to make a trip and stay at the Blockbuster turned Airbnb, there’s a little bit of bad news. The overnight stays are limited to just three days in September, but if you’re fine with a day trip, after the last guests check out, you’ll be able to rent the space for a few hours during the day to experience your nostalgic fantasy.

An old Blockbuster is revamped to include a pull out couch and and 90s decor.

Regardless of whether you ever make it to the last Blockbuster, though, seeing this ’90s-inspired paradise may be the inspiration you need for your next movie marathon.

[Via Buzzfeed]


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