Control for the Nest x Yale Smart Lock May Be Coming to the Google Home App

A screenshot of the Hold to Unlock in the Home app in action

The whole Google Nest situation is kind of weird. You can control some Nest stuff from the Home app, like cameras, but not other stuff, like the Nest x Yale smart lock. For the latter, you have to use the Nest app. But that may be changing if a promo showing a “leaked” feature is to be believed.

If you’re a Google Nest user, you’re probably already familiar with the disconnect between the Home and Nest apps. Some of Google’s stuff has taken on the Nest brand—like the Nest Hub and Nest hub Max—but has nothing to do with the Nest app. Other stuff carries the Nest brand and can’t be accessed in the Home app, like the Nest x Yale smart lock.

Peep the 0:39 mark for a glimpse into the future

As spotted by Android Police, compatibility with the Nest x Yale smart lock may be coming soon to the Home app. In a promo video for the lock, a quick snippet shows a Hold to Unlock dialog in the Home app—a feature that isn’t yet available. That suggests that Google is working on the feature, and perhaps it’s even close to implementation.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the shift is coming—Google has been working towards folding all the Nest stuff into the Home app. I long for the day when I can manage all my Nest products in the Google Home app.

When that day will be, however, is anyone’s guess.

via Android Police


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