Display Your Love of ‘Star Wars’ with These Fun Themed Rugs

Three of the Star Wars-themed rug patterns from Ruggables, including Darth Vader and some ships

To paraphrase the inimitable Darth Vader, “I find your lack of rug disturbing.” If you’re looking to expand your Star Wars home decor beyond Droid Instant Pots and the Baby Yoda ears you put on your Amazon Echo, we found the perfect thing: Star Wars-themed rugs from Ruggable.

Ruggable’s rugs have a stylish elevated look and are the perfect accent for every room in your house. The Star Wars line offers 20 fun designs with exciting modern patterns (like houndstooth, geometric, or damask) in muted colors. Many of the patterns are so subtle, those who aren’t a part of the rebellion (or, pssh, the Empire) probably won’t even notice the geeky details.

Sizes for rectangular rugs range from 2.5 x 7 feet up to 8 x 10 feet, and circular rugs come in 6- and 8-foot varieties. Pricing is the same for each design, ranging from $109 up to $399, depending on how large you go. The rugs are a fun way to add some style to your home, while making a subtle nod to your favorite space-based sci-fi movie. And don’t worry—no wookies were harmed in the making of these rugs.

Source: Ruggables


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