Twitter Is Providing More Contextual Info for DM Requests

Screenshots of the new contextual info in Twitter DMs

I’m an avid Twitter user and get a lot of DM requests. Most of the time, if it’s not someone I already follow or otherwise engage with, I ignore said request (sorry) because there’s not enough info about who the person is or what they want. Twitter is changing that.

Starting now, when you get a DM request—that is, a request to chat with someone you don’t already follow—Twitter is going to start offering more contextual info about the person. That includes who they are and how you’re connected to them—be that through people you both follow or followers of your own.

Past that, when you click or tap on the message, you’ll see the user’s full profile, which includes their bio and follower numbers. This should make it easier to vet who is messaging you and what they want (outside of the obvious message).

This is a nice little quality-of-life update that should help users make more informed choices on who they decide to accept messages from. As for me? Well, I’ll probably just keep ignoring those unsolicited messages (not sorry).


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