LEGO Education Announces New Tools for Teachers in Class and Online

A child using LEGO Education tools.

LEGO Education is a unit of the company dedicated to tools that allow teachers to integrate the popular building toys in science, engineering, coding, and art lessons. With the COVID pandemic nowhere near over, the company has announced a revamped its selection to focus on hybrid and virtual teaching.

The crop of resources for this year’s classrooms are focused on lessons and software that can be used both in person and remotely. The Education line, which is broken up into sets designed for different ages, even includes a “homeschool bundle” with motorized elements that can be coded via an iOS or Android app. The SPIKE and SPIKE Prime sets are aimed at more experienced builders in middle school and beyond.

This year LEGO Education is focusing on providing tools and guides to teachers who are providing some or all of their instruction online. There’s also a forum for teachers to help each other with tips and ideas. But if you want your child to use any of these specially made LEGO Education sets, you’d better hope your school is well-funded: They’re even more expensive than LEGO’s typical high-end sets.

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