Zoom’s End-to-End Encryption is Nearly Here, But You’ll Lose Some Features

A screenshot of a Zoom meeting with a "Verify Security Code" popup.

Zoom is introducing an optional end-to-end encryption tool to keep prying eyes out of private meetings. The end-to-end encryption offering, which is still a technical preview, launches the week of October 20th for free and paid users. Still, Zoom says that encrypted calls are missing a few features, like live transcription and cloud recording.

End-to-end encryption guarantees that only outside parties, including Zoom, can’t tune-in to your video calls. Zoom’s servers continue to carry all the data for your meetings, but the data is scrambled and can’t be decoded without a unique, host-generated encryption key.

A screenshot of the "Verify Security Code" dialog box in Zoom.

Zoom announced its plans to offer end-to-end encryption after acquiring Keybase in May. And while Zoom initially planned for end-to-end encryption to be a paid feature, public outcry convinced the platform to make end-to-end encryption available for all users.

Still, encryption comes with some downsides. You have to manually enable end-to-end encryption before joining encrypted calls, and some features like cloud recording, live transcription, and polling aren’t available while end-to-end encryption is enabled.

End-to-end encryption launches as a technical preview for all Zoom users the week of October 20th. Zoom plans to bring features like cloud recording and reactions to encrypted meetings in the future.

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