Google Meet Users Are Getting Virtual Backgrounds Soon

A person using Google Meet on a laptop.
Yalcin Sonat

If you’re a Zoom or Teams user, you’ve long enjoyed what feels like a basic feature–virtual backgrounds. Instead of showing your messy office, you can swap out a beach scene or put yourself in space. Now, Google Meet is getting in on the custom background action, albeit with some limits at first.

Once the feature rolls out to you, you can either choose photos Google helpfully provided or use your own. Much like implementations from other companies, the photo you select replaces your background through A.I techniques.

You don’t need a green screen, but that means while people won’t see your dirty socks in the background, you might get your ears cut off. The good news is, you don’t need an extra extension or software. The bad news is, it will only work in ChromeOS and on the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac desktop devices to start. No mobile use for you.

The feature is out right now for Google Workspaces on Rapid Release domains. It’ll arrive on November 6 for Scheduled Release domains. Education users starting a Meet room can’t use the virtual backgrounds, unfortunately.

Source: Google via Android Police


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