Save 20% on LEGO ‘Super Mario’ Expansion Sets at Amazon

A photo of the LEGO 'Super Mario' Whomp and Yoshi Expansion Sets.

LEGO’s ultra-popular Super Mario play set brings everybody’s favorite plumber to the real world, with customizable levels, obstacles, and goals. Now, just in time for Christmas, Amazon is selling most LEGO Mario add-on sets at a 20% discount. Each expansion set includes a new location from the Super Mario series, along with essential characters like Yoshi and Toad.

Here are the LEGO Super Mario sets discounted by Amazon today:

These discounted expansion kits do not include the LEGO Mario figurine that’s required for gameplay. For that’s you’ll need to buy the core LEGO Mario kit, which remains at the full price of $60. Still, now’s a good time to grab the main LEGO Mario set and a few expansion kits while Amazon is running a rare discount.

Source: Amazon via Kinja Deals


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