The New Google Nest Smart Thermostat is on Sale for the First Time at $113

Google Nest Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat, now’s your chance! The Google Nest Smart Thermostat is on sale at Amazon for just $112.99, down from its normal price of $129. The programmable Wi-Fi thermostat is just half the price of its previous iteration, though it lacks the “Learning” feature.

The new Google Nest Smart Thermostat has a sleek profile and a modern design, and it comes with a trim plate for mounting on your wall. The ENERGY STAR-certified thermostat helps you stay comfortable while saving energy (and money on your monthly power bill). It can also monitor HVAC systems and send you an alert when it’s time to change the filter or when there’s an issue.

The thermostat automatically turns itself down whenever you leave the house so you don’t waste energy cooling or heating an empty home. It also allows you to set it up to run on a schedule, which you can customize through the Nest app. The thermostat is a terrific deal and is an easy way to upgrade your smart home a bit.

New Google Nest Smart Thermostat


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