The New Redbox Video on Demand Service Lets You Watch Movies for Free

A Red Box kiosk on a white background

Going to the movie theaters right now is a challenging prospect at best. In response, many companies, from Disney to Warner Bros., are making it easier to watch movies from home. Now Redbox wants in on the game, and it has a price you’ll like—free. You can stream movies for free, with ads, on its platform right now, with no login required.

Redbox’s AVOD (video on demand) service serves as an expansion of its previously announced Live TV offering. All you need to do is download the Redbox app for Roku, iOS, Android mobile and TVs, or Vizio (AVOD support for LG, Xbox, Samsung, and Chromecast coming soon) and pick the watch free button. Then choose “Free on demand.”

Right now, the list is somewhat limited, with few if any new movies available. But you can find classic and beloved movies from action to romance, Kickboxer to Penelope. And beggars can’t be choosers, right?

You don’t have to a Redbox account to watch the free movies or Live TV, but you have to endure some ads. If you can’t stand those, paying for a rental is always an option.

Redbox’s AVOD service is live right now, so long as you have the right app and devices.


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