Killer Deal: Get a Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and 4 CYNC Smart Bulbs for $30

Best Buy deal on Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and CYNC smart bulbs
Best Buy

Talk about a good deal! For just $30, Best Buy is selling the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and throwing in four CYNC Soft White smart bulbs. Normally, the Lenovo clock is nearly the same cost and a four-pack of the bulbs runs $20. This deal is a great way to get started on building your smart home.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has a stylishly bold LED display that’ll look good on your desk, TV stand, or nightstand. Google Assistant integration makes it easy for you to control your connected smart home devices, play music and podcasts, or get answers to questions all without lifting a finger. It also has a built-in nightlight so you won’t have to stumble around your room in the dark.

The CYNC Soft White Direct Connect smart bulbs, now re-branded as C by GE, come in a four-pack and are a terrific choice for your smart home. They’re the perfect way to set the mood for movie night, parties, cozy dinners, and late-night reading sessions. Plus, with built-in voice controls, you’ll never have to come home to a dark house. You can even have them turn on when you’re out of the house so it still looks like someone is home. 

Snag this deal now before it’s gone!


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