The ‘Rocket League’ Super Bowl Event Touches Down February 3rd

Rocket League Buccaneers skin

Rocket League is football with flying cars. Or, if you’re American, soccer with flying cars. But next week you’ll be able to try it both ways, when the multiplayer game adds a “Gridiron” mode based on American football. It’s a cross-promotion with the NFL, celebrating Super Bowl 55 from February 3rd to the 8th.

Gridiron mode replaces the normal soccer-style court with a football field and the ball with a handegg, four players (cars) to a side. Touching the ball will stick it to your car, at which point you’re “running” until you get tackled—the car that hits you then carries the ball. Single jumps are allowed, but if you use one of Rocket League’s signature double-jumps, you drop the ball. This mode includes out-of-bounds areas, seven-point “touchdowns” if you carry the ball in, and three-point “field goals” if it goes in unattached.

Naturally, there are cosmetics to win: wheels emblazoned with the NFL logo, plus a “Gridiron Guru” player title and a ton of experience points. Players can also buy the NFL Fan Pack, a set of car skins for each NFL team that was introduced last year.

Source: Rocket League via Engadget


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