Get $100 Off the M1 Mac Mini and MacBook Pro at Select Retailers

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Select retailers are offering hefty discounts for Apple’s revolutionary M1 Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. The base-model M1 Mac Mini, which usually costs $700, is just $600 at Costco and $670 through Amazon and B&H. You can also save $80 on the base-model M1 MacBook Pro or $100 on the upgraded M1 MacBook Pro through Amazon.

Released at the tail-end of 2020, the M1 Mac Mini and MacBook Pro are the first computers to run on Apple Silicon, a custom ARM processor that provides better speed and power efficiency than the Intel chips used in previous Macs. Apple also released an M1 MacBook Air at the same time as its new Mac Mini and MacBook Pro.

Over the next few years, Apple will phase out support for Intel Macs in favor of Apple Silicone. For this reason, M1 Macs should experience better long-term support than their Intel counterparts. And while software developers have the resources to support both Intel and Apple Silicone devices, it’s possible that some developers will neglect Intel-based Macs over the next few years. At least, that’s what happened the last time Apple switched its processor architecture.

M1 Mac Mini

Save $30 on the base-model M1 Mac Mini, or $50 on the 512GB model.

M1 MacBook Pro 13"

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