Netflix’s Automatic “Downloads For You” Provides Content When The Internet’s Out

Netflix on an Android phone in a car.

If you know you’ll be offline, you can already download a few episodes of most Netflix shows and movies. But what happens when the power goes out, or you make a last-minute road trip? Starting today on Android, Netflix’s “Downloads For You” can download a few episodes of a show you might like so that you can watch something without network access.

Sorry iPhone and iPad users, you’re out of luck for now, but Netflix says support will come soon. For now, this is an Android-only affair. “Downloads For You” is an optional feature, and you’ll have to turn it on. Once you do, you’ll tell Netflix how much space it can use (1 GB, 3 GBs, or 5 GBs), and it will get to work.

An Android phone with Netflix open and download settings shown.

Netflix will download a few episodes from shows you haven’t seen, but it thinks you’ll like. It’ll start with the first episode, of course, and a few after that. You’ll also get movies to watch, though how much you get depends on how much space you allow Netflix to use.

Netflix says iOS support will arrive later this year, and the update is rolling out to Android users globally. “Downloads For You” is free for all Netflix users.

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