Sony’s PS5 VR Controllers Put a Whole World in Your Hands

Sony's PS5 VR controllers.

They might be the size of Hulk gloves, but Sony promises its upcoming PS5 VR controllers will provide a more immersive, “visceral” gaming experience than typical VR remotes. Borrowing features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers from the new DualSense controller, the PS5 VR controller could give Sony an edge over Facebook’s affordable Oculus Quest.

Sony recently announced plans to launch a new PS5 VR headset with advanced ergonomics and new, immersive features. It seems that the bulk of these immersive features lie in the new VR controllers, and while they may not look very ergonomic, Sony says that the upcoming VR controllers are comfortable to use and should fit any size hand.

Here are the PS5 VR controller’s stand-out features:

  • Button Selection: Both controllers feature one analog stick, two action buttons (triangle, square, cross, circle), a “grip” button (L1 and R1), and a “trigger” button (L2 and R2). The left controller also features a “create” button, while the right controller is equipped with an “options” button.
  • Adaptive Triggers: Like the PS5 DualSense controller, the VR controller has adaptive L and R triggers that can add tension when pressed depending on what game you’re playing. The adaptive triggers may mimic the tension of a gun’s trigger, or the resistance of pushing a car’s gas pedal to the floor.
  • Haptic Feedback: Sony is also carrying the DualSense controller’s advanced haptic feedback motors over to its VR controllers. With nuanced haptic feedback, the controller can mimic sensations like tapping metal or gliding over ice.
  • Finger Touch Detection: The PS5 VR controller can detect the placement of your fingers, allowing you to make “natural hand gestures” without pressing buttons. Presumably, finger touch detection would allow you to do things like wave to friends online, or hold your hands in a “don’t shoot” position.
  • Tracking: A “tracking ring” across the controller allows it to connect wirelessly with your PS5 VR headset. Maybe this ring is the reason why the controllers look the size of basketballs.

Sony says that prototypes of the new VR controller will “be in the hands of developers soon,” though there’s no word on an actual release date. Early details on Sony’s PS5 VR headset reveal that it probably won’t come out until 2022.

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