Samsung Thinks You’ll Switch to Android After an “iTest Drive”

An iPhone with a Samsung interface.
Josh Hendrickson

Have you always used an iPhone but found yourself curious about Android? Samsung’s new iTest site lets you test drive its flavor of Android without having to make the full plunge. You don’t have to install or buy anything, just visit a website and give it a go.

According to XDA-Developers, Samsung is advertising the new iTest experience in New Zealand, but anyone in the world can try it. You just need to be on an iPhone and use the Safari browser. If you try to visit from an Android phone, Samsung will invite you to tell your friends about iTest.

Once loaded up, you’ll get a fairly accurate recreation of the Samsung’s home screen, and you can even play with a few apps and settings options. You can even simulate phone calls and text messages. To be clear, this is a recreation of Samsung’s One UI flavor or Android, not a stock Android experience.

But if you’re curious about Samsung phones and don’t want to pay to take the plunge, it could be worth a look. We’re not sure it’ll convince anyone to make the switch, but Samsung seems to think it’s worth a try.

via XDA-Developers


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