Eve’s New HomeKit Smart Plug Uses Thread for Faster Smart Home Commands

The latest Eve Energy smart plug.
Eve Systems

Eve Systems just launched its fourth-generation Eve Energy HomeKit smart plug with Thread networking support. With Thread, the latest Eve Energy smart plug can “talk” to other Thread-enabled devices for faster performance, and even extend your network’s range for compatible smart home devices.

Previous Eve Energy devices utilized Bluetooth, which limited their wireless range but also limited their power consumption. Adding Thread to the Eve smart plugs allows for more reliable, faster connections with the Thread-enabled Apple HomePod Mini or Apple TV without compromising on power efficiency.

At $40 a pop, the Eve Energy smart plug ain’t cheap. Still, it’s one of the best smart plugs for HomeKit users. The Eve Energy offers robust scheduling features and integration with other Eve devices, plus an energy-monitoring feature that lets you see how much power your appliances use (and how much money you save turning them off automatically with your schedules).

You can order the Eve Energy smart plug for $40 on the Eve Systems website. Eve sells several other Thread-enabled devices, including the Eve Aqua, the Eve Door and Window sensor, and the Eve Weather station.

Source: Eve via MacRumors


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