The Latest LEGO x Adidas Shoe Collab Pays Homage to Classic LEGO Colors

Adidas pays homage to Lego in its new colorful collection=.
LEGO, Adidas

LEGO is at it again in yet another shoe collaboration with Adidas. This time, however, it’s focusing on boldly colorful kicks based on the classic LEGO brick colors. The collab features six new pairs, each in their own color.

Adidas and LEGO first began their lengthy collab with the fun A-ZX series and recently added the ZX8000. Now, the ZX8000 ‘Bricks’ collection is here in fierce fashion, with a nod to the classic colors of LEGO bricks. The shoes rock one of Adidas’ most iconic silhouettes.

Each of the six shoes in the collection is a solid color this time around, instead of a playful mix. The shoes keep a classic construction otherwise, with a mesh upper, a matching synthetic suede overlay, a ghillie lacing system, and a TPU heel that emulates the classic LEGO brick texture.

This collection marks the next step in the ongoing LEGO x Adidas collaboration, and will be available on Adidas’ site and at select retailers starting on May 7. The shoes start at $140 each, and will be available in both junior and adult sizing.

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