YouTube TV Login is Broken for Many on Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV's USB-C port
Justin Duino

Having trouble with your Chromecast? Several people in the r/youtubetv Reddit community are complaining that they can’t get past the YouTube TV sign in page on their Chromecast with Google TV. Google is aware of the issue, according to users who called the company for help.

Most users who experience the bug say that it began May 4th, though some claim that it’s been an issue for awhile. The problem only impacts people who are trying to sign into YouTube TV, so if you’re thinking about logging out of your account, please don’t!

Typical troubleshooting steps, like resetting the Chromecast or reinstalling the YouTube TV app, don’t resolve the login bug. It’s possible that the problem lies in Google’s servers, so if you’re locked out of YouTube TV, you’ll just have to sit and be patient.

In the meantime, you can cast YouTube TV to your Chromecast from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Or just pull the old Roku out of your closet. The YouTube TV platform is working perfectly (or about as perfect as it can get) on non-Chromecast platforms, including mobile devices and streaming sticks from Google’s competitors.

Source: The r/youtubetv Community via Chrome Unboxed


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