Apple’s HomePod Will Get Lossless Audio Playback—Eventually

Apple HomePod mini smart speaker with Siri voice assistant held up in blue and red light

After announcing it would be offering lossless streaming and Dolby Atmos for its listeners, Apple more has now noted that its HomePod and HomePod mini will gain support for that lossless audio in a yet-to-be-determined future announcement.

Currently, the speakers will not support lossless audio, only Dolby Atmos for Apple Music, aka Spatial Audio. Eventually, with that update in place, you will be able to enjoy an immersive sound experience if you choose to invest in a pair of the speakers. Apple has yet to provide any timeframe for that update, but we hope it’ll be sooner rather than later so customers can start enjoying Apple’s 20 million lossless songs in June.

Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro will not gain support for Apple’s lossless tier, however, since the current Bluetooth standard is unable to support that format. AirPods Max will be able to support lossless audio, but customers will need to use a cable (like Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable). So if you’re an audiophile and a fan of Apple Music (and its HomePod speakers), you can plan on having a high-quality listening session. Eventually.

Source: Apple via MacRumors


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